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Winter summary May 7, 2006

Maciek on top
Swinica peak, Tatras

It was a very busy winter for me, visiting mountains eight times since January, skiing, attending avalanche trainings, doing studio work and much more, detailed diary of events is available in Polish only, here you can watch a short film recorded by me, starring Maciek & Julia enjoying the snow.

Tatras in April April 14, 2006
Tatras in April Recorded by me in Western Tatras on April 9th, 2006, starring Maciek.

Bieszczady January 21, 2006
Bieszczady Bieszczady in the autumn, more wild than usual, more tempting. When you are finally reaching your destination on 4 a.m., the sleep tastes extremely well.

Western Tatras December 7, 2005
Tatry Zachodnie, Western Tatras New, new photos! For the first impact - Western Tatras. Stay tuned for more, there will be some, soon.

Excuse (there are new galleries comming...) November 29, 2005
It's been a year, since the last themed gallery has been submitted here. That doesn't mean I dropped photography, in the contrary, I take much more photos that any single person can handle. This is the main reason that I have no time to update my galleries. Now most of my free time is spent in the Cracow photo studios (three of them), but finally the time has come, hundreds of new photos are flooding my folders and almost shouting at me "show us to the public!", so there is absolute necessity to do so. I'm preparing some new galleries, among them The Wawel Cathedral special, featuring photos from the inside, mountain views, and possibly pictures from London and Cracow. Stay tuned and don't rush me, there is a tiny amount of free time to take care of this photo gallery. Please remember, that all this is the opus of single person that has only two hands and one head at his disposal... :)

Hand There is a photo of my hand prepared for all of you that do not believe it's working very hard to prepare all photos for your pleasure of viewing them here :)

Photo of the week March 10, 2005
Something completely different - as opposed to all my themed galleries, I prepared the gallery that will be populated with various photos - the photo of the week. Please don't take my word it will be updated regularly, but I will try to do my best.

UPDATE: I added the experimental RSS feed support to allow you easily spot the moment when new photos are published on this site. You can now subscribe to it using your favourite feedreader.

A bunch of new ideas on (soon)

The Wawel Castle in Cracow November 11, 2004
Wawel - the four seasons - a few dozens of photos from the most famous castle hill in Poland - The Wawel Hill, where the Polish kings ruled and where they were crowned and buried.

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