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Bieszczady 2005

photos: Autumn 2005

Three days, three nights, Balnica and two mountain huts, lots of interesting people. Fog, rain, the Sun and the Moon, moss...the Bieszczady mountains in the autumn. I just had to be there too. comments (28) slide-show (23)

The railroad to Balnica *(19)

Szare Berdo *(3)

Szare Berdo 2 *(1)

Szare Berdo 3

Smerek 1 *(1)

Smerek 2

Smerek 3

Smerek 4 *(1)

The sunset

The Sun has set

Taking photos

Taking photos 2

Polonina Wetlinska in the nigt *(1)

Chasing the fog *(1)


The view from Tarnica

Bukowe Berdo

Polonina Wetlinska

The view from Mala Rawka

The sunrise *(1)

The sunrise 2

The sunrise 3

The House at Pooh Corner

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