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Western Tatras 2005

photos: 2005

The journey along Koscieliska and Choholowska valleys, climbing the Grzes, Ornak, Konczysty Wierch and Wolowiec peaks, spectacular moments while observing the sunset and the sunrise from the very peaks, climbing down in the complete darkness, all that combines into unforgettable experience! See also The High Tatras 2004 gallery and my youtube clip about touring Western Tatras during winter months comments (6) slide-show (36)

The Stream *(2)

The Sunset 1

The Sunset 2

The Sunset 3 *(1)

The Sunset 4

The Sunset 5

Docent on the edge

Western Tatras 1

Western Tatras 2

Western Tatras 3

Western Tatras 4

Western Tatras 5

Western Tatras 6

The Cross *(1)

Slovakia under the clouds

The cloudy ceiling

The Upper Chocholowska Valley *(1)


Western Tatras 7

Western Tatras 8

Western Tatras 9

The Chocholowska Valley

Western Tatras 10

Rohacka Valley


The Sunrise 1

The Sunrise 2

Babia Gora

Starorobocianska Valley

Panoramic view from the Starorobocianski Wierch peak

Gaborowa Pass

Zadni Ornak


Starorobocianska Valley

Chochol *(1)

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