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Panoramas of the High Tatras August 17, 2004
Panoramas of the High Tatras - selected panoramic images of the peaks and valleys of the High Tatras.

Post a comment July 2, 2004
Now anybody can comment on any photo from this gallery, just enter your text in the box placed under each picture.

Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University June 29, 2004
kwiaty, kwiat, flower, flowers Flowers - the visit to Poland's oldest Botanical Garden on the sunny, spring day.

Public events in Cracow - fireworks June 26, 2004
balony, balloons, balon Fireworks display - this is how almost every major cultural event in Cracow ends. Collection of selected spectacles that took place this spring.

Former Jewish district of Kazimierz, Cracow June 15, 2004
Kazimierz, Plac Nowy, square Photos of Kazimierz, Cracow (Fotoporuszenie 2004). Completed during two months, this gallery shows the former Jewish District of Kazimierz, once a separate city near the Cracow borders, now the Cracow's most fashionable and trendiest area filled with many pubs and art galleries.

Polish version online Mar 20, 2004
Polish version of this photo gallery is available at last, after a few years when there was only English one accessible. It was the most frequently requested missing feature ;)

Summer in Slovakia October 27, 2002

    As you can see, my photo gallery is completely redesigned, the old fashioned static html was replaced by pages generated on the fly by the PHP scripts. I wrote them from scratch all by myself, so blame me personally if any error occurs :)

    Many thanks and kisses fly to Joasia who accompanied me from the very start and created all the graphics. Thanks also go to neutrinka, elita and lcamtuf, who helped me track down some security flaws of the initial code.

    A couple of new photos are available, summer sceneries from the High Tatras and some portraits.

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