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Wawel, Cracow 2004

photos: January - October 2004

Wawel Hill, Cracow - the four seasons of 2004. Wawel Hill is one of the most interesting places in Poland - it is the cradle of Polish history and culture. From the XIth century Polish kings resided in the Royal Castle and they were crowned and buried in the Wawel Cathedral. I live very close to the Wawel Hill and I visit it from time to time, so I collected many hundreds photos of the Castle and the Cathedral. The Cathedral is especially close to my heart, because it was the place of my wedding ceremony. Here you can see some of the selected photos taken during the four seasons of the year 2004 in Cracow comments (41) slide-show (44)

Wawel Cathedral 1 *(7)

Autumn colors

Wawel Cathedral 2

Wawel Cathedral 3 *(1)

Wawel Cathedral 4

Wawel Cathedral 5

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle from the east *(1)

Wawel Castle from the north

Wawel Cathedral 6

Wawel Castle from the west

Wawel Cathedral 7

Wawel Cathedral 8

Wawel Cathedral 9

Wawel Cathedral 10

Sigismund Chapel 1

Sigismund Chapel 2

Sigismund Chapel 3

Wawel Cathedral 11 *(2)

Wawel Cathedral 12 *(3)

Wawel Cathedral 13 *(1)


The Clock Tower

Gargoyle *(3)

Courtyard 1

Courtyard 2

Senatorial Tower

The walls

Main entrance *(1)

Sandomierz Tower 1 *(3)

Sandomierz Tower 2 *(1)

Sandomierz Tower 3

Sandomierz Tower 4

Northern side

Jordanka Tower

Chicken's Foot

The Thieves' Tower *(1)

Entrance to the courtyard

Administration building

Wawel Panorama 1 *(3)

Wawel Panorama 2 *(6)

Panorama from the Wawel Hill *(5)

Wawel Hill during winter

Wawel Castle during winter *(3)

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