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Jewish Kazimierz, Cracow (Fotoporuszenie 2004)

photos: May - June 2004

Those photos are the selection from the hundreds I took walking the streets of Kazimierz, Cracow during two months, May and June 2004. They were intended to be my contribution into Fotoporuszenie photo exhibition that will take place there late June 2004. Later, they will be presented to the public for nearly a month in the Cafe LUFA on Kazimierz. comments (60) slide-show (33)

The Old Synagogue 1 *(5)

Ciemna Street 1 *(2)

Krakowska Street 1

Inside the Tempel Synagogue *(44)

Nowy Square 2 *(1)

Podbrzezie Street

Waska Street *(2)

Szeroka Street 3

Jewish Dance *(2)

The Courtyard

Szeroka Street 2 *(1)

Szeroka Street 1

The Old Synagogue 2

The Old Synagogue 3

Szeroka Street 4

Szeroka Street 5

Katarzyny Street

Kazimierz Town Hall

Jozefa Street

Wysoka Synagogue 1

Ciemna Street 2

Krakowska Street 2

Skaleczna Street

Izaaka Synagogue *(1)

Remuh Synagogue

Wysoka Synagogue 2

Szeroka Street 6 *(1)

Nowy Square 1

Izaaka Street

Jakuba Street

Szeroka Street 7

Inauguration of the exhibition

My exhibition in Cafe Lufa *(1)

Photo gallery

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