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Wawel Cathedral 1

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Autumn colors

photos: Wawel, Cracow 2004
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Wawel Cathedral 1

DESCRIPTIONRaised in 1320-1364 as the third to be built on this site (first in 1020 by Boleslaw Chrobry, the first king of Poland)
CREATEDSeptember 1st, 2004
GEAROlympus digital camera
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April 28, 2009 • pat 13 years and 289 days ago
today is the date louis de montfort died. the primate of poland was very devouted to him, and consecrated POLAND to our lady according to the method of prayer of louis de montfort! april 28

September 5, 2007 • pat hurtuk 15 years and 160 days ago
my daughter's roots are there in cracow she is only 12 yrs old eileen and lost love for lerning looking for prayers at this cathedral for her her email is

November 24, 2006 16 years and 80 days ago
I am researching the Tinwell Tragedy which occurred on 8thJuly 1944 near Tinwell in England in which twenty six Polish paratroops lost their lives on a practise jump when their aircraft collied in mid-air. I understand there is a plaque either in the Cathedral or a Museum in Cracow. Can anybody tell me which is correct? Thankyou.

August 12, 2006 • dx 16 years and 184 days ago
Dude! Shot of the century! Dave and I will hit that space very soon, maybe not has as bright as the pic displays!?*&^>< dx

July 17, 2006 16 years and 210 days ago
Great job on the photo. It's my home town and I am proud of it. What a view...

April 20, 2006 • Marcelo Bottoni marcelobottoni(at) years and 298 days ago
Necesito direccion postal de la catedral de Wawel. Gracias

December 13, 2004 18 years and 61 days ago
I was there in 1979, but this photo stuns me with its beauty. R.ADoyle

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