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Wawel Panorama 2

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Panorama from the Wawel Hill

photos: Wawel, Cracow 2004
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Wawel Panorama 1
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Wawel Panorama 2

DESCRIPTIONPanorama from the south including the river Vistula
CREATEDSeptember 7th, 2004
GEAROlympus digital camera
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April 15, 2010 • John (Janek) Zalas 12 years and 295 days ago
There is no place like Krakow! Because of our complex situation during WWII, we had to leave before the Soviet occupation and did not see the city again for 50 years.

October 12, 2005 • john ir_johnnoise(at) years and 116 days ago
Very nice picture

August 27, 2005 17 years and 162 days ago
Totaly Great good luck

June 28, 2005 17 years and 222 days ago
Totally awesome! My church choir went on tour here, however I couldn't make it. I really feel like I was "almost there" by viewing all of your wonderful pictures! Thanks! Paula

April 4, 2005 17 years and 307 days ago
I remember Kracow from my visit in 1978. Would like to go back. When the Pope died I thought of this place. Michelle Marcinkowska

April 4, 2005 • nano 17 years and 307 days ago
hey this picture was taken on my birth day

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