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Bieszczady 2005

Autumn 2005

Three days, three nights, Balnica and two mountain huts, lots of interesting people. Fog, rain, the Sun and the Moon, moss...the Bieszczady mountains in the autumn. I just had to be there too. more...
Western Tatras 2005


The journey along Koscieliska and Choholowska valleys, climbing the Grzes, Ornak, Konczysty Wierch and Wolowiec peaks, spectacular moments while observing the sunset and the sunrise from the very peaks, climbing down in the complete darkness, all that combines into un(...) more...
The High Tatras 2004

July - October 2004

Panoramas of the High Tatras. This gallery presents panoramic images taken in the summer and autumn of 2004 from some major peaks of the Tatra mountains, as well as from the valleys and mountain lakes. Sometimes it's a long way up to take the desired shot, but the vie(...) more...
Summer in Slovakia - 2002

June - August 2002

Selected photos from The High Tatras (Slovakia) and some recent portraits of my sister Natalia. more...
Winter in Slovakia 2000/2001

January 2001

These photos were taken with Olympus OM-G SLR camera. You should notice huge difference in quality when compared to older photos placed in my gallery. I was in Slovakia to celebrate new millenium with a group of friends. I visited Poprad, Kosice and of course High Tat(...) more...

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