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Odessa 2000

August 2000

Here you can see the photos selected from over 60 ones I took in the Ukrainian port city Odessa. The city has really nice, although mostly devastaded architecture. The photos I picked for this page do not show the whole truth about the city, but I hope that they will (...) more...
Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska & The High Tatras 1999

July 1999

Attention: this gallery is very old and I'm not proud of those photos anymore, new and better photos of the High Tatras can be found here: winter sceneries from Tatras and summer sceneries) Photos taken during the trip along so called 'Eagles Nests Route' [in Polish (...) more...
The flood in Polanica Zdroj - 1998

July 1998

All photos that are presented here were taken by me in 1998, when I was visiting Polanica Zdroj, a spa located in southern Poland. The flood began in the night, some 15 hours before my arrival. I was forced to walk about three kilometers on foot, because the bridges w(...) more...

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