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Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska & The High Tatras 1999

photos: July 1999

Attention: this gallery is very old and I'm not proud of those photos anymore, new and better photos of the High Tatras can be found here: winter sceneries from Tatras and summer sceneries)

Photos taken during the trip along so called 'Eagles Nests Route' [in Polish - Szlak orlich Gniazd ] in southern Poland. Those mostly ruined castles combined with superb scenery of jurassic rocks are ideal area for hiking. The trip has finally driven us to the High Tatras, mountains divided beetween southern Poland and northern Slovakia.
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Jurassic Route 1

Panorama *(5)

Jurassic Route 2

Jurassic Route 3

Jurassic Route 4

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