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Dragons Parade 1

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Dragons Parade 2

photos: Cracow, major events of 2004
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1st of May
photo detailsphoto 231

Dragons Parade 1

DESCRIPTIONNight parade along the bank of Vistula river
GEAROlympus digital camera
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April 4, 2005 • Har 17 years and 307 days ago
All of the pictures on this web site are wonderful. So much so that I forgot to vote. Sorry, but I will try to make it up. I thank all who had a part in this web site. A job well done. Har

March 15, 2005 • con tajny(at)unknown.com17 years and 327 days ago
Nice nice cracow!This town rocks in Poland!You have to see it!

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