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Statue of John Paul II

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The 'Krzywda' Park
photo detailsphoto 181

Statue of John Paul II

DESCRIPTIONnight-time photo shot in Piotrkow Trybunalski, tripod and cable release used
CREATEDMarch 2002
GEAROlympus OM-G SLR, 80-200 mm lens, Fuji
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September 19, 2010 • cartucce cstampante(at)aol.com12 years and 145 days ago
Unknown message

October 31, 2009 • mystry person 13 years and 103 days ago
all love john paul the second and god and any of you with the bad comments go and get a life

November 3, 2008 14 years and 100 days ago
John Paul II was a living saint, an example of simplicity, holiness and love. Please pray and interced for us until we meet in our fathers glory.

October 21, 2008 • May 14 years and 113 days ago
Our late Pope John Paul II, who I love so much, left us all a VERY POWERFUL WITNESS OF THE TREMENDOUS GRACES, BLESSINGS AND PROTECTION ONE RECEIVES AS ONE CONSECRATED TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS THROUGH THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY. He was a seminarian when he first entrusted his vocation to our Blessed Mother. He too did the consecration prayer to our Blessed Mother like many. Let us pray that like him, we too in child like faith and confidence in God, surrender ourselves to the maternal role of Mary unreservedly for the greater glory of God in all eternity. (Note: Refer to the TOTAL CONSECRATION PRAYER TO JESUS THROUGH MARY BY ST. LOUISE DE MONFORT WITH THE 33 DAYS PREPARATORY. This was the devotional prayer promoted by late Pope John II during the Marian Year. )

October 17, 2008 • Dyatree 14 years and 117 days ago
what is this statue made out of! is it gold?

October 27, 2007 15 years and 108 days ago
jhonw paul is the most besstest pope in the whole world.

October 5, 2007 15 years and 130 days ago
Jhon paul ll was a god

July 1, 2007 15 years and 226 days ago
kochany janie 2 pardzo cie pozdrawiam

April 27, 2007 15 years and 291 days ago
he was a very sexy person! ;)

February 20, 2007 • RITA 15 years and 357 days ago
this pope was a very good person and i am sure he will soon become saint. i loved him very much and i am sure he is in heaven praying for us people whom he left behind! god bless his soul.

January 6, 2007 • Kate 16 years and 37 days ago

September 30, 2006 • shirley 16 years and 135 days ago
eeemmm..i never see him,but last time he want to come malaysia.but our prsedent don like him to come here.its a sad sad thing.i hope he always in memory.god will be side him forever...

May 9, 2006 • dennis jomharis(at)yahoo.com16 years and 279 days ago
Tinoud gayod nga lahi si Pope Jhon Paul 2. Cya mao hinungdan sa ako nga kausaban gikan sa usa ka makasasala. I missed him so much.. from: Ozamiz City, Mis Occ. Mindanao, Philippines

April 5, 2006 • simon abbeabby(at)gmail.com16 years and 313 days ago
pope jhon paul ii was one of the greatest pope in this world. its my deepest sadness he's no longer with us, but he is sitting in heaven and watching us. he's one of the closest son of jesus christ, that'y jesus took him to heaven. he is the best person & we will miss him now & for ever.

April 1, 2006 16 years and 317 days ago
the statue is Beautiful, i always cry when i look at him, why? they are tears of sadness and tears of feeling his kindness i think? i love him. jane (lake tahoe, nevada usa)

January 12, 2006 • Cathy 17 years and 31 days ago
he was such a great Pope, i loved him when i knew about him and started reading his books. i'm from Russia and even here he is loved cause he had so much love for people. God bless him forever and ever

September 11, 2005 17 years and 154 days ago
how sad of his death

September 11, 2005 • JOHNIEEBEGOOD BLACKMOSES98(at)YAHOO.COM17 years and 154 days ago
the best pope.see you in heaven when i get there.

August 6, 2005 • lurky 17 years and 190 days ago
Jhon Paul II was the best Pope ever!. I'll miss him a lot I hope to meet him in heaven one day. I'm deeply grateful to God for giving us such a wonderful spiritual leader. God bless you Pope, I love you

August 6, 2005 17 years and 190 days ago
He will be my Pope for ever. We must be grateful to God for having given us the possibility of having him as Pope. I'll miss him and I hope to meet him in heaven.

June 20, 2005 17 years and 237 days ago
Pope john paul is the cutest pope that we have had and i wished i would of met him. But i know now that because he's in heaven i can talk to him anytime i wantt.. Your the bestt john paul 2.. <3

June 19, 2005 17 years and 238 days ago
he is soo ugly bye

June 17, 2005 • FRANCESCO V PISTORIO fpistorio(at)aol.com17 years and 240 days ago
father with our lady of mercy and a faith to the god we prayer to remember our great pope john paul ii. have mercy on us! francesco v pistorio gaithersburg - md june 17/2005

June 10, 2005 17 years and 247 days ago
I think that he will always be with us, because he was the best person i've ever known,his face face was so peaceful and his speech as well. Everybody should remember his advice, and try to change at least on ourselves.

May 10, 2005 • patima kkvm(at)aol.com17 years and 278 days ago
pope john paul 2 is the best pope we ever had.

April 28, 2005 17 years and 290 days ago
pope john paul ii is the cutest and most handsome pope we ever had. i miss him so much. one of my greatest regret in life was not being able to meet him personally -- not even catch a glimpse of the most holy man when he was in our country during the world youth day :o( i hope to see him in heaven and i wish that when i die, he would be the one to fetch me. i belive it was Jesus himself who fetched his soul to heaven. God bless you our beloved pope. You are greatly missed... (gold)

April 27, 2005 • Monika 17 years and 291 days ago
He was one of a kind. He will be missed by the millions all over the world. He was such an inspiration to so many people. He had a good heart. He wanted well for everyone. And the guy that shot Him shpould burn in hell even the Pope forgave him, iths not the same. He shopuld be in jail for the rest of his life. John Paul two was a saint sent from God to look upun us now God asked Him to join Him in heaven.

April 27, 2005 • Monika 17 years and 291 days ago
I am polish and I'm proud He was polish. There will be noone like Him. I wil always remember Him. I'm just sad I never got the chance to see Him

April 20, 2005 17 years and 298 days ago
There will never be another one like him he was the best ever.
but we are always welcoming a better one.

April 20, 2005 17 years and 298 days ago
I saw him when I was 4 years old. It was incredible. I miss the pope a lot. The best pope we had

April 13, 2005 • Annalisa O'Bryan 17 years and 305 days ago
Jhon Paul the second lived his life as a beautiful reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was soo loving to other human beings, he made us feel loved even if some of us never met him. I miss him greatly and I feel a great void , I know he has finally met with our Lord Jesus Christ the one he served all his life.

April 9, 2005 17 years and 309 days ago
Jhon Paul 2 will always be remembered as an amazing person

April 8, 2005 • Arthur 17 years and 310 days ago

April 6, 2005 • Marta 17 years and 312 days ago
Our Papa Jhon Paul II was the most increrable human being alive, i am so prund to be Polish , it's my deepest sadness he's no longer with us , but he will for ever live in our hearts and memories, and that statue will always remind us the godness he has done for us and every one around the world. But he is now resting with God In Peace. My self and the world will miss him now and for ever.

April 4, 2005 17 years and 314 days ago
yeahh john paul 2 is best

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