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Gracjan Roztocki

Gracjan Roztocki
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futro, fur

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Gracjan Roztocki

DESCRIPTIONGracjan Roztocki is a self-made internet phenomenon from Poland. Widely recognized there and, not surprisingly, laughed at frequently. He accepts this fact with dignity.
PUBLISHEDSeptember 27, 2008 ~ 14 years and 137 days ago
GEARstudio strobes & mobile power source
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January 18, 2010 • Marcin W 13 years and 24 days ago
He turns the comments off, because are sceptic much :P trzymaj sie

June 13, 2009 13 years and 243 days ago
I like this photo a lot. U gave Gracjan a special look that make him look like his making everything up. Awesome bro. Way to go. Pozdrowienia

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